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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

About Siput Babi


My colleagues and I talked about snails this morning and I couldn't help but to ponder over it..

i) Snails are molluscs that have shells. They are found in fresh and sea water, and some snails have also adapted to life on land. So are snails considered seafood?

ii) Why are they called "Siput Babi" in Malay? What is "siput", actually? And do they look a bit like "babi"? If that's the case, are they not "halal"?

iii) If they do have relations to the pigs, how about "wo niu" in Mandarin? As far as my understanding goes, "wo" means shell and "niu" means cow. So now they are related to the cows??

iv) Snails must have sounded quite un-classy, otherwise the delicacy dish wouldn't have been known as "escargot". Or is "escargot" another meaning of snails in another language?

Don't mind me.. It must have been the haze.. Can't really see clearly within my office premises too.. *lol*


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