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Monday, August 29, 2005

Hen's Night at Sucasa

It's an overdued entry.. Nevertheless, I'll still write about it. Anyway, in my previous entry, I wrote about a couple of us planning for Jewel's hen's night on the 20th. I must say, it was really swell. But but but.. Firstly, I shall write about the place we bunked in for the night which was at Sucasa Service Apartments in Jalan Ampang.

It is run by the same management of Micasa Service Apartments. We had initially wanted Micasa, coz it was a really lovely place to stay in (very spacious too!!) but they ran out of rooms, and then we were torn between Sucasa and Lanson Place. In the end, we chose the Kiasu Holiday Package for Sucasa - RM 310 for a 2-bedroom. It wasn't too bad, the rooms were spacious and fully carpeted, but in our opinions, Micasa is still a better choice. Sucasa is more like a "lower class" compared to Micasa.

Dining + Living areas

Master bedroom

Master bathroom

Second bedroom

Anyhow, 5 of us checked in first at about 4pm - Moorish, Loyar, Lily, Meei and I. Freaky Girl had, at the very last minute, decided not to stay over. We unloaded all our food, drinks and utensils, inspected the rooms and claimed the master bedroom. We did last minute checking for games that we would play on Jewel later that night at Passion Bar.

Jewel, her sister and their cousin sister checked in at 5 plus and they took the second bedroom. We changed into comfy clothes to prepare for dinner. Moorish made roast chicken, Loyar made spaghetti and Jewel brought a pot of red bean dessert. I pulak, bought drinks, packets of ice and plastic utensils. Meei brought packets of Vietnamese rice papers and we sat around the dining table, making Vietnamese spring rolls. It was fun watching them make the spring rolls, they came out with various sizes! Meei prepared the sauce to go along with the spring rolls - a bit of spicy + sour-ish + sweet taste.

Vietnamese spring rolls in the making

The final product

After dinner, Lily made cocktail jelly as we watched Jeepers Creepers on Star World. Scary la, to watch a horror movie during the Chinese Ghost Month!! Once the movie ended at 10pm, we washed up, cleaned the dining area, and then we dressed up for the night.

Oh by the way, if you would want to experience a night at Sucasa, here's the map and the address.

Sucasa Service Apartments
222, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-4251 3833
Fax: 03-4252 1096

Next up, Hen Party at Passion Bar!!


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