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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Malaysian Fruit

You know what, we Malaysians should all eat only Malaysian food and fruits, and drink only Malaysian drinks tomorrow for Merdeka Day. Nasi lemak, Milo ais and erhm.. Durian for dessert. What say you? *lol*

Hammie bought a bagful of buah salak when he went back to his hometown in Terengganu during the weekend. He made me try a piece in the morning when I came to work. I've never eaten a buah salak before, so I thought, why not.. I think it's a Malaysian fruit (or am I wrong?). It looks like a pear but with scaly skin, like the skin of an ant-eater. One end of the fruit is slightly soft, so you can peel the skin off from there.

Buah salak

Closer look on the scaly skin

The fruit is a bit yellowish, dry and looks a bit like garlic where it is divided to a couple of stems. When I first tried it, it was sooooo sour that my whole face practically crunched up (and Hammie laughed at the way I looked. Hehe..). It also tasted a bit 'kelat' (woody, bitter-ish taste). Didn't quite like it at the start, but once I got used to the taste, it slowly became a bit sweeter nearer to the seed. Not something I would want to eat early in the morning, although it 'woke' me up coz of the sourness. *lol*

The inner fruit

Furball chose a piece which happened to be "terbantut" in the growth. Quite cute though. Haha..

Does this look like an E.T. or is it just a buah salak with breasts?

So, is anyone up for everything Malaysian tomorrow? Which means, no TGI Friday's, no Haagen Dazs ice-cream (take King's red bean or bubur cha cha flavoured ice-cream potong lar!), no apples (opt for bananas, pineapples or coconuts lar), you get the drift. *smile*


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