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Sunday, September 11, 2005

"Stoned" To Death

Just the other day, Sis' bf told her that one of his friends studying in Sydney had passed away when his house caught fire. Incidentally, my aunt living there heard about the fire but did not realize she actually knew the deceased.

What happened was that, or rather, what Sis's bf and my aunt told us was, the guy had completed his studies and was waiting for the day to go home, to fly back to Hong Kong for good. His friends threw him a farewell party and got him drunk. Really, really drunk. Unfortunately, much later after the party ended and he was in a deep sleep (after the drinking and all), the house caught fire. He was too stoned. He did not hear the commotion surrounding him, he did not feel the heat nor smell the burning fire. He eventually perished in the fire.

The thing I could never understand is, why do people like to get drunk. New Year's celebration, must get drunk. Birthday celebration, must drink to the max. Never see each other again, all the more must drink. It's your wedding day. Must "yum seng kao kao". If one wants to have fun, yes, by all means. But why go over the top to the extend that one gets a major hangover the next day, wakes up beside a pool of vomitted spaghetti with bits and pieces of meatballs? If unlucky, end up like that guy. Is it actually worth getting drunk in the first place?

I don't know, perhaps it's coz I'm not a drinker, so I would never understand. Perhaps what Cleopatra said was right, "Oh! Go get a life!" I do have a life. I do know how to have fun. I'd taken alcoholic drinks before, but I never liked the taste, so I never bothered whether I should get a life by getting drunk. I can have fun in many other ways, not neccesarily by consuming alcohol and killing all my braincells.

You know what, his friends should regret their actions. They should never forget that they killed him, when it should be a happy occasion that he had completed his studies and was about to go back to his family. I hope they learn their lesson.


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