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Saturday, September 03, 2005

To Live Or Not To Live With In-Laws?

Do/Would you live with your in-laws? Or do/would you like living with your in-laws?

Inspector's parents are pestering us to get married. "Get it done", "Fai fai chui" (faster, faster), so they said. "We're not getting any younger, so is Lil' Patchee's father". Helloooooooooo... My dad is not even rushing us into it, don't pull him into the waters! We really don't understand why the hurry. We're only 26! So what if his parents married early and had 3 kids when his mum was 26? Mum had me when she was 30.

Anyway, the point is, "you already have a roof over your head". Yes, the house that Inspector and his family is living in is supposed to be under his name. But now that Princess & her family wants to move in with them too, wouldn't it be too crowded to have 8 people (with 6 cars, might I add) living in a double storey house? There would be no privacy, no freedom, and we have to live under their rules. Not to say that I don't want to live with them, but how about my parents? Inspector's mum once mentioned that "No choice, married women have to live away from the parents". I digress that. They are lucky coz they have their sons to live with. My parents have only two daughters, and if Sis do get married to her current bf, she'll be moving away to Hong Kong. Who else are gonna take care of them when I myself live nearly an hour away from them? I don't have the freedom to invite my parents to stay with us once a while, or they come visit us unnoticed (I expect to give them a duplicate set of the house keys so that they can come over whenever they like).

We'd feel like the house doesn't belong to us. It'd really feel like as if we're just "tumpang-ing" in the house, with nothing to call our own. Well, maybe except for all the things in our bedroom. That's about it. With the demanding Princess in the house, it would be even chaotic. Imagine, 3 women arguing about what curtain colors to hang at the living area. Don't want to clean the house cannot. Want to walk around the house naked also cannot. We would both go crazy!!! (not about the part not being to walk around naked laaa).

We both dread it. We'd like to live somewhere between both sides of the families but we don't have the $ to buy a property of our own. Most people that I've asked said it would be better not to live with the in-laws. But one colleague is very happy living with her in-laws.

How should we go about this? Would love to hear your point of views.


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