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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Where To Go With RM 2.5k?

I so need your help.. In the previous entry, I wrote that my firm awards a free trip for staffs who have given their service for 5 and 10 years. Well, I'm eligible for it as of last Thursday and it's valid for 1 year.

They take our marital status on the 5th anniversary date into account. If (s)he is married, then they award him/her up to RM4k for the travel package and RM500 cash allowance. But if (s)he is singe, then it's only up RM2.5k for the travel package and RM500 cash allowance. I'm still single, so yes, I can only accept the latter option.

Where can I go with RM2.5k? I can either get a package that cost more than RM2.5k and pay the remaining from my own pocket, or choose a package that is lower than RM2.5k (no, the firm won't refund me the balance). Bear in mind that I'll be going with Inspector, so he's expected to pay for his share (or we can both split up the bill).

We've thought of going to Tokyo and at the same time, visit Gummy and this other Japanese family friend. But the packages to Tokyo are at least RM2.5k and we have to allocate at least another thousand or two for transportation, food and shopping.

We've also thought of going to South Korea (go to Jeju Island, see "Jewel of the Palace" la) and buy LV imitation handbags. *lol* But we are not familar with the country, the culture and the language. I have a Korean family friend there but it would still be difficult.

We've been to Sydney last year. We don't mind going there again to visit my aunt, but we'd prefer to go somewhere we've never been before. Would love to go to New Zealand, but I heard it's rather expensive.

The next best thing is to go to Hong Kong. Sis' bf is there, anyway. The package is relatvely cheap, so we can opt for a much nicer accomodation (perhaps a 5 star hotel?). But then again, Dad thinks it's no point coz we'd be spending more time travelling around than hibernating in the hotel.

Where should we go? And when? We're thinking sometime end of the year.. But, have to see where will our destination going to be. Any suggestions? At least 4 days 3 nights would be nice (since I'm given free 5 leave days!). Preferably Free & Easy, coz we don't want to spend most of the time travelling in the coach or being brought around to the tourist attraction places. So, yeah, Free & Easy, but maybe with the options of half day sightseeing, or something.

I can wait for Matta Fair, but I still need to decide on a destination, right. Please help me. If I do choose your suggested destination, I'll buy you a souvenir. Hehe..


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