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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What A Girl Wants..

.. Is a perfect man..

In random order..
  • Be a gentleman (open doors, push her seat in, gives her a goodnight kiss)
  • Able to understand the frustration and knows how NOT to trigger her nerves when she PMS-es
  • With decent good looks (Brad Pitt-look-a-like even better!)
  • Drives her around
  • Makes her smile and not bring her into tears
  • Someone her parents and friends would approve
  • Always ready to answer the phone whenever she calls
  • Shows her with loving words (not calling her a bitch or tell her to fuck off, but not to the extend of telling her "I exist because of you", or "I will always love you until the ocean doesn't touch the sand" kind of thing)
  • Suprises her once in a while (a stalk of flower from the garden, have picnics or a walk in the park)
  • Ambitious yet not over the top to reach for planet Jupiter
  • Able to cook (at least a decent plate of Indo Mee rebus)
  • Make a 5 minute phone call whenever possible during office hours to ask "How are you?"
  • Admits he's in the wrong, says sorry and mean it
  • Helps out with the household chores
  • Challenges her yet helps her to grow (not bringing her down by calling her stupid)
  • To have a sense of humor and able to laugh at her jokes (no matter how lame they can be)
  • Make her heart flutters with a romantic self-composed poem, something he made himself, or sing to her
  • To be a devoted husband and a doting father to her children in the future years

And, I don't know, what else? The truth is, every girl wants to be treated like a princess. Every girl wants to be worshipped to the ground by the man of their dreams. To be treated right and with respect. But in reality, a "perfect man" only exists in fairy tales. What should a girl do then? To expect less.. To compromise more.. But what if she can't compromise anymore? Or is she asking too much?


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