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Friday, September 16, 2005

Hunting A House

"I think we got us a house"

The first sentence Inspector told me when we were in our usual late night phone conversation last night. It's a corner double-storey house just opposite where he and his family is currently living at. The house was put out for sale nearly 2 months ago at RM465k. His parents had been eyeing that house ever since. Last week, the price went down to RM410k. Last night, they had a family discussion and agreed to take a look at the house, and it everything goes well, Inspector and I will be the owners, his parents will dump in an amount and we will pay the rest through installments.

His dad was a bit upset when Inspector told him that he didn't want to live with them coz of all the possible conflicts that might happen. "You cannot run away from your responsibilities", he said. But then again, it shouldn't be that bad considering that if we do get the house, we would be living just opposite of them. They can just take less than 30 steps from their house gate. I just didn't like the idea that we have to live with/near them when we are about 40 minutes drive away from my parents. And besides, who would take care of my parents in the future?

Tomorrow morning, they would all go view the house. Whereas, as much as I would love to go (since my name would be in the ownership agreement, of course I should see it, right?), I have to attend Jewel's church wedding instead. And I had earlier on agreed to help Moorish to be at the church earlier to collect the wedding cake. It's a cute one. Will show you the picture later.

We'll see how things go. Tomorrow will be the decision day.


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