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Friday, September 23, 2005

A Step Closer To Owning "The House"

  1. We have decided on getting the corner lot last weekend.
  2. Inspector's dad paid 1% of the amount as "booking fee".
  3. We have made photocopies of all the relevant documents for loan application (such as the I.C. card, latest 3 months' pay slips, EA form and EPF form).
  4. We have put our signatures down on the loan application form and Eskimo has submitted it to the bank.

All we have to wait now is the approval for the loan application. If it goes through, the lawyer, the original houseowner, Inspector and I will meet up, earliest next Tuesday/Wednesday to sign the agreement. So... Crossing my fingers and toes now!

In the meantime, both our families have been pretty excited, not only the both of us. Mum's planned to get the kitchen and perhaps the toilets done for us. Sis is thinking of getting us a TV. Inspector's parents would provide a fridge, dining table, a sofa set (for the second hall), the lights and air-conds. We're both looking through ideas for furnitures for the house, and how to place them.

Ooohhh... This is soooo exciting!!!


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