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Friday, September 30, 2005

"War" In The Office

Ricepot is using my computer to play WarCraft III "Frozen Throne" with Sek Long, Furball and Koala Bear. I pulak, am on the notebook, surfing the net, blogging and chatting online with Gummy. *lol*

The managers have all gone to the next room for their quarterly meeting. We, the small fries are taking this rare opportunity to *ahem* "paint the room red". Shhh...... Actually, the best time is when they go to Awana for their year-end meeting for 2 days. We have 2 full days to do whatever we like in the office - Surf the net, blast the music, go for long lunches.. Heaven, I tell you!!

But, that's only once in a year lar.. We're not thaaaaaaaat 'teruk' employees lar.. We're actually angels!! *Pfft*


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