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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Deciding The Houseowners

We are to sign the S&P agreement tonight.. I realized that there will be 3 person's names in the agreements (both S&P and the house loan) - mine, Inspector's and his Mum. They added his Mum's name in so that we won't be questioned when we declare the house for income tax, like, how did we get so much of $$ for the down payment. That at least with his Mum's name, we can use the excuse of her savings from income (she's retired now) or whatsoever for the down payment.

Somehow I have this niggling feeling in me.. I don't quite know how to explain it.. Originally, the house is supposed to be under both our names only. It's supposed to mean that we totally own the house. Both of us have the full say on the house. But now, with the addition of Inspector's mum's name in the agreement, does this not mean that his family has a say on the house as well? Granted they're dumping a huge amount for the down payment (which we truly appreciate), but with her name in it, doesn't this mean that his family has part of the control too? The house is supposed to be for the both of us only, but what if one day, they decide to transfer her name to Princess or Inspector's brother? Doesn't this also means that we're tied down by them for 30 years? What if one day, we want to sell the house, but she (or the family) does not want to sign for the release? I mean, who knows, if we've made a lot of $$, we decide to move to a bigger place, or to a better location? But then again, Inspector and I got into an argument coz of this, that he does not intend to move to anywhere in the future.

I feel like we're being controlled by his family. If anything goes wrong, it's me alone against the whole family. Or should I not think of it this way? Should I give them the benefit of a doubt - That they're trying to help us out, that they're providing a lot (the down payment and all, hence, they deserve to have a name in the agreement) for us? Should I really trust them? I mentioned this to Inspector, and he told me not to worry, coz the house is 'memang' for us only, that his parents will draft out a will for it.

Am I just being petty about things? I don't know.. Guess I should trust them?


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