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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Yummy Yummy Yummy

One food I've always loved while studying in Sheffield was Greggs' Prawn with Mayonnaise and Lettuce sandwich. I stayed in the Endcliffe area throughout my time there. It would take me at least 30 minutes to walk to the E&E campus. Everyday, I would have to walk by Broomhill and there was a Greggs branch along Fulwood Road. Usually I would drop by Greggs and get a packet whenever I walked home early in the afternoon, or I would get the baguette after I do my grocery shopping at Somerfield (across the road from Greggs) during the weekends.

Ever since I first tried out the Prawn Mayo, I was hooked!! Whenever I buy sandwiches, whether at the campus' cafeteria, grocery stores or shopping mall, it would always be Prawn Mayo sandwich, nothing else. The prawns were oh, so soft and juicy, topped up with mayonnaise... Gosh.. Just by thinking of that makes me hungry NOW!

It had been 5 years since I left Sheffield, yet I still miss the days when I would just munch on the Prawn Mayo sandwich, specifically Greggs'. Nothing beats Greggs. Really! I would occasionally bug Der (while he was doing his PHD in Birmingham) on MSN to try it out. He's not so much a seafood person, so he's not as obsessed towards Prawn Mayo as I do.

Recently, he was about to leave Birmingham for good. I jokingly told him to take some pictures of the sandwich for memory's sake. Hehe.. HE DID THAT!! It was indeed a pleasant morning, having to receive his e-mail with pictures of the Prawn Mayo!! Take a look at them..

Greggs Prawn Mayo
The packaging.. Freshly made sandwich!
Greggs Prawn Mayo
The sandwich itself
Greggs Prawn Mayo
Der's final bite of the sandwich.. Yum yum!

I'm hungry nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww... How can I not be??? Where is the nearest Greggs I can find here?? By the way, their Corn Beef pasty's not too bad either. *grin*


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