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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Cross Stitch Patterns

Just wondering, does anyone know where can I get cross stitch patterns around PJ/KL? I've visited Adeline Fashion (can't remember if that was the exact name of the shop) in Amcorp Mall. I am looking for patterns of mountains or koi fishes. There were a number of patterns available, but the patterns I want are quite limited there. Some patterns I found were Nine Koi Carp (this is nice, but it looked a bit fake) and Chinese Landscape (would be better if this is horizontal instead of vertical).

Does anyone know where else can I get them? I want to make a masterpiece for the house. Hehe.. I made a Galloping Horses for Inspector's family when they moved into their new house 2-3 years ago. Took me more than 1 month to complete it. I would want to start the project as soon as possible, so that it can be completed, and framed before the New Year (or housewarming!).


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