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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

How To Read The "Tong Shu"?

I gotten hold of the 2006's Chinese "Tong Shu" (or "Tong Sheng" in Cantonese). I'm trying to look for a suitable wedding date.

The thing is, I can't read Chinese (well, I can read basic words though). I know which section to look for, which dates are suitable to hold a wedding, and the auspicious times. BUT, how do I see which zodiac animal is conflicting with a particular date? Like, a person born under the Year of the uhm.. Chicken, should refrain from doing anything on this particular date. And apparently, one is supposed to see which date is suitable and does not conflict with the animal sign the newlyweds and their parents were born under.

I can refer all these on a website, but the auspicious dates and all are not exactly like the ones stated in the "Tong Shu". And I believe, "Tong Shu" is more accurate? How do I see the animal conflict? Please help!!!


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