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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Chino's Princess Arrived!

A newborn has finally joined the Sunflower family. Hoooooray!

Received Chino's SMS after nearly 8 hours since I last spoke to him in the afternoon (Initially wanted to snap a photo of the SMS but.. The words came out blurry) :-

"Little princess safely delivered at x.xx pm x.xx pounds. Mother and baby healthy. Praise God."

Called him instantly and boy, he sounded soooooooooo exhausted. But of course, I could hear him grinning from cheek to cheek. Hehe.. It was already nerve-wrecking for me to wait for the good news, what's more he himself! I kept worrying and praying for them for nearly 8 hours since the wife was on labour. I was practically jumping around with joy when the news finally came! I announced it to my family and helped Chino spread the news around through SMS. He's my "heng tai", in fact, one of the closest among the 5 of them. That's exactly how a sister would react when her big brother's baby has been delivered. ;)

Aneh & I will go visit them tomorrow evening. We'll snap some pictures of them for the rest of the Sunflower family. FRG called me upon receiving the news. Long distance call from China!! Poor guy, he's been posted there for a couple of months now, he can't wait to come back next week and hopefully he'll still be around in Malaysia for Chino's baby's full moon celebration.

You know, although I had been psycho-ing them to have the baby delivered this coming Sunday, frankly speaking, I'm glad she arrived today coz I realized something. 22-11. Chino's birthdate is on the 22nd, his wife's birthdate is on the 11th. There's no any other better date than to have her arrived on her parents' birthdates combined. *grin*

Ooohhhh la la... I can't wait to see them tonight!!


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