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Monday, December 12, 2005

1 Candle for 1 Year Old Boy

It's Inspector's nephew's 1st birthday today, but we celebrated it yesterday instead. Princess ordered a huge birthday cake in the shape of the number 1, and I was assigned to collect it before meeting them at the restaurant.

Upon collection of the cake, I asked the guy who serviced me, to open the box for me to see the cake. If I take back the wrong cake, then I'm died-ed laaa.. It was definitely a cake in the shape of the number 1. Very huge one. Satisfiedly, I asked him to pack the candle.

Guy : "Cik, nak berapa lilin?"

I was like, "vartttttttttttttt??" Of course I want 1 candle laaaa... So blahdi huge number 1 on the cake, and he has to ask how many candles? Maybe he thinks I need candles for 10 years old... Or 100 years old? *tsk tsk*

1st Year Old
How many candles do you need for a cake like this?

I have to admit, it was pretty amusing laa, that moment.. *grin* Inspector's nephew had a lot of fun . We watched him open his presents today. He loved the "Nokia 8210 handphone" we bought for him. Hehe..


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