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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Christmas Sing Song Project

Received an invitation from Lin Peh to join his Christmas Sing Song Project.

He's gathering as many people as he can, to record their voices, singing to "White Christmas". He will use his magic touch to combine all the voices and remix it to become something like "We Are The World". It's kinda cool idea, I must say, uniting all the bloggers (their voices, in this case) for the festive season.

I have already submitted mine. I borrowed Sis' headset microphone and recorded using the standard Sound Recorder. BUT I ain't gonna let you listen to it. "Pai seh" la... I'm definitely no way near Malaysian Idol standard!!

Come join Lin Peh's project. Deadline has been extended to 19th December. So... Hurry! Can't wait to hear the final product actually. Hehe.. Until then, have a good weekend!!


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