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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bloggers' "White Christmas"


The highly anticipated production by Lin Peh is finally out!!

Now, you must be wondering what's the fuss all about. It's a collaboration by a couple of bloggers, some whom I believe one of them is in The States, and another one 'tengah' holiday-ing in Auckland. The thing is that, I don't know about the rest of the participating bloggers, but in my case, I have no correspondence with any of them in any way - not even e-mail, phone nor in person. Well, perhaps got la read their blogs, leaving comments here and there. But heck, I don't think they even knew Lil' Patchee exists!

So, to have strangers combine their voices together to produce a short and simple song... It's a wonderful feeling, I must say. Without Lin Peh's effort to start a project like this, I wouldn't have thought this was possible. Of course, I should give bundles of credits to the participating bloggers as well. Without them, there wouldn't be a production like this.

So, a huge huge pat on the back to King's Wife, GBYeow, Helen, 5xMom, Ongline, Mikel Lian, Jomel, Simmie Lang, Jkn of KL Podcast, PJ, Desmond9394, KC Yap, Siao Cha Bor and Lin Peh (yes.. He lent his voice too!)

Go listen here or here, and tell me what do you think of it. Oh.. And can you guess which is my part? Hehe..


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