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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

R&D Christmas Lunch & Gift Exchange

My colleagues & I had an absolutely lovely Christmas day at work!

We went to Atrium Cafe, Sunway Pyramid Tower for buffet lunch, under Dexter's expenses. We left the office early and came back quite late. Hehe.. They didn't have much of variety on the buffet line, then again, cannot expect so much for RM 35++. But they had prawns, crabs, scallop and baby octopus. So.. Quite worth the $$ also..

Atrium Cafe Buffet Line
Buffet at Atrium Cafe - the 2 pillars in the centre of the tables are very 'jor deng' though
Atrium Cafe's Christmas Tree
Their Christmas tree - big ah?
Chocolates at Atrium Cafe
Chocolates for sale

One hour after we got back to the office (and TRIED to do some work), it was time for us to celebrate the birthdays for the December babies. We got Dexter, NR and another colleague a tiramisu cake. Yeah.. We could still eat!

Remember we set up our Christmas tree some time 2 weeks ago? We got everyone to buy a gift worth around RM 20. I numbered the gifts and placed them under the tree.

R&D Christmas Tree with Gifts
Christmas tree - so many presents!!

So right after the cake-cutting celebration, we proceeded with the Gift Exchange. I got everyone to draw out a number which represents which gift they were to receive. I got this!

My Gift Exchange
My gift - a box, purse and a silver bracelet with dangling dolphins

We had so much of fun - Definitely a lovely day of constant chatter, feasting and togetherness. Gotta thank Dexter for that. ;)


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