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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Urgent : AB Blood Donor Needed

A friend's relative is in need of AB blood urgently. If you have AB blood, or you know anyone of that blood type, and if you are willing to donate your blood to the patient, please see the details as below :

Date : 9th January 2006 (Monday)
Time : Morning (8 am - 9am)
Hospital : Blood Donation Centre, 5th Floor, Subang Jaya Medical Centre
Tel No. : 03-56341212

If you are interested and wish to know the name of the patient, kindly e-mail me at lilpatchee@gmail.com.

I would love to donate, unfortunately, I do not know my blood type (Yeah,you can say I'm pretty much ignorant in that sense). Even so, I'm either a B or an O, definitely not AB. And the sad thing is, no matter what blood type I belong to, I definitely do not qualify to become a blood donor. It's coz I'm waaaaaaaaaaaay underweight. All I can do now is to ask around. So, please help my friend.

Thank you very much!!


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