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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Come Sing Gong Xi Gong Xi!

It's already been 12 days since the New Year began. It also means I've already been having the sore throat for 12 miserable days!!! Slight fever, the sniffles, coughs and all too. That's how my first day of 2006 was - Fell sick. Ughhhh!!!

I've been drowning myself with packets of Strepsils at least 1 in every 2 hours. I've been diligently downing honey every morning, although I heard that honey is actually very heaty (True ah???). But you know what, sore throat or not, I'm still gonna lend my voice for the 2nd Sing Song Project which actually starts today. Have you already heard the Christmas song we all sang last month? So? Join la.. It's really, really fun!! Whether you're Malaysian Idol standard ke, bathroom singer ke, come join la. It doesn't matter! If it does, I wouldn't be singing "Gong Xi Gong Xi" with my croaky voice. You can't read Chinese characters? Hey, me too! The least you can do is to sing only 2 lines ==>

"Gong xi, gong xi, gong xi ni ya
Gong xi, gong xi, gong xi ni"

4 words only. Can laaa.. Besides you can help Desmond Wong, he needs some cash. *lol*

So head over to Lin Peh's blog and sing laa.. Please help drown my voice... Puhleeeeezeeeeeeee...


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