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Friday, January 27, 2006

My Plant's On MTV!

You read it right. My grass plant, Grace is on MTV. "Which MTV?", you say? The Cha Cha Guo Xin Nian one laaa... "Cha Cha" pronounced like the one in Cha Cha Dance. "One, two, cha cha cha".

Back to the topic, the MTV version was released yesterday at 3.28pm. Have you seen it? There's the small and large versions, take your pick. You can see all the singers' profile pictures. I had initially submitted my profile picture, but Lin Peh thought that Grace would look cuter. You're right, Lin Peh. Thank you so much! *smile*

Unfortunately, Grace did not live long enough to witness her fame. Fungus killed her after nearly 2 months. I have to be blamed. I soaked her in the 'jacuzzi' for too long and gave her no sunlight. By the time I realized the existence of the white patches all over her head, it was already too late. *cries*

So go watch the MTV. A lot of leng luis and leng chais pictures there. *grin*

On another note, I am on leave today. Mum hasn't been feeling well lately, and we are to have our reunion dinner tonight, coz Sis will be going to Hong Kong to celebrate CNY with her bf and his family. It's gonna be her first time celebrating CNY HK-style. Apparently, they follow a superstitious whereby no one is to take shower on the first day of CNY. How absurd! For someone like me who takes shower at least twice in a day, I definitely can't take it. *lol*

Anyway, Mum underwent a minor surgery early this week and was advised to rest. I decided to stay home and help her out in the kitchen. She became the instructor, and I did the preparation for her. We started preparing some time before lunch. All was well, we were done with the main dishes. Until when I was asked to grate some carrots for the 'yee sang'. So clever of me, I accidentally grated off a part of the skin off my right thumb. It was terrible (for me la!). It bled non stop. It hurts a lot! I tried cleaning the wound, and wanted to go to my room to get a plaster. I managed to get it bandaged, but then I started feeling a bit whoozy. I don't know if it was because of the sight of the blood and the many blood-stained tissues, or it's like how people say that if underweighted people donate blood, they will faint. I felt really blur. I thought, "Ok, I need some vitamins". I grabbed a cup from the kitchen. While I tried to walk towards the fridge to get some juice, my vision gotten even blurer, I couldn't see where I was walking. I nearly stumbled a few times. I managed to get the juice and walk towards the living room to sit for a while. Drank a bit, rested a bit, then finally I got back my senses. I'm really not joking nor exagerrating about this. Although I have several mishaps in the kitchen before especially while I was studying in Sheffield, I never had this kind of after-effects. Please tell me there's nothing wrong about this.

It finally stopped bleeding after nearly 2 hours. I re-bandaged my finger. Before that, it looked like this.

My poor finger

*Sighz* So painful. Oh.. Inspector's here already for the dinner. Will continue later.


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