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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Operasi Gemuk Begins

I'll be going for the gown fittings end of next month, then photoshoot will be the week after that. I have 1 month to gain weight (so that can fit nicely and no need to alter so much la). The thing is, I'm reaaaaally underweight. I need about 10kgs to reach the ideal weight, but I'm happy enough if I can reach 5kgs. I have a pretty small stomach, so I can't eat a lot at one go, as my body so 'pandai' can automatically reject the extra food (and I'll end up getting real sick like how I was more than 2 weeks ago). But I get hungry very fast. I can still munch on lighter things even when I'm already full, and usually after 1 hour or so, I'll feel like eating again.

The only times when I managed to gain weight were when I was studying in Sheffield. When I was there, I easily gained 5 kgs. But each time I came back home, I'd lost them all. *sighz* So depressing, eh?

Maybe I'm not eating enough. Maybe I should follow back the lifestyle I had when I was in Sheffield. Let's see.. On weekdays..
Breakfast : 2 half-boiled eggs, a bowl of cereal and a cup of hot chocolate.

Take a 40 minutes walk downhill from my place to the campus.

During each lecture : A bar of Snickers (5 bars for £1 at Jack Fulton, so cheap!).

Lunch : Prawn mayo or turkey ham sandwich from the cafeteria.

If it was my turn to do marketing, I would take a 15 minutes walk to the market (in the city centre) with Chino. We would buy food supplies enough to feed 6 people for a week (like, 6-8 dozens of eggs, can you believe that?), including whatever extra supplies all of us need. Then we carry all of them to the nearest bus stop to go home.

Otherwise, I would walk back home with whoever was going home at that time. So 40 minutes walk uphill. We would stop by at Broomhill Friery to buy huge packets of salted chips to munch on the way back. Or stop by at Somerfield to buy more groceries and carry them back home. I really had muscular arms and legs with all that exercise, kay!

Teatime : Munch on cream biscuits (5 packets for £2) and a cup of hot cocoa. Sometimes I would dump frozen lasagne or Shepherd's Pie into the microwave to reheat.

Dinner : Heavy homecooked meal for 6 people (we use a lot of eggs in our cooking!). All 5 of them are really big eaters (what do you expect, they are guys!) so I have to eat as much as them. Then we would provide fruits for each other (Granny Smith or Royal Gala apples, bananas, grapes, Clementine oranges, etc) or even ice-creams while we watch tv (especially football) in the kitchen.

Supper : Munch on more cream biscuits, ice-creams and a cup of hot chocolate.

Weekends were usually "sik ji kei" (loosely translated as "eat yourself"). I would usually feast on frozen lasagne, Greggs' Prawn Mayo sandwich, Shepherd's Pie, fish & chips, spaghetti (with cream of mushroom soup and lots of turkey ham) or porridge. Suka-suka, we would cook for each other as well. If you accept Tai Lou's Maggi Mee goreng, he would add a lot of stuff in it - Prawns, ham, egg, mixed vegetable, and chicken - enough for 2 persons of my size!

So, do you think if I follow like this, I will be able to gain weight? I am going full force for the Operasi Gemuk now. Nowadays, I'm making myself have a cup of Milo and cream bun for breakfast. Sometimes got currypuffs or 'lobak kou'. Then have nasi lemak (usually 2 of the small packet ones) or noodles for lunch. In between meals, I would munch on chocolate, biscuits or more cream buns. Dinner is alwways home cooked meal. Then at night, I would munch on ice-creams, fruits, biscuits, chocolates, desserts, 'tong sui', whatever that comes my way. Hehe..

How ah? Any professional advices? Appeton Weight Gain didn't help. And I'm too lazy to go to the gym to pump up my muscles. How ah? I've got 1 more month to go!! Help!


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