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Sunday, February 12, 2006

'Throw' Fortune Into The House

Last week when Mum had a mini lunch party at home, Dad organized an event for all of us to participate in - throwing mandarin oranges and coins into the house. We had been doing this for the past 1-2 years. Something fun la. And since the house (the one Inspector and I got) has already been renovated, Dad thought it would be great to organize that for us.

I really do not know how this activity originates from though. What we should initially do was to prepare an amount of coins and mandarin oranges. For today's case, Dad prepared 100 pieces of 50 cent coins, and 68 pieces of 20 cent coins (168 piece in total - 'yat luk fat' - always got good fortune), and I bought a box of 18 mandarin oranges. Last week, Dad used 100 pieces of the RM1 coins (Yup, he still have lots of them!).

This is what we do.. Lay the coins and mandarin oranges in a huge metal tray, and put it out under the sun for about half an hour, at least until they are slightly hot. Put a pail of water under the sun as well. Once the water is slightly warm, use the water to mop all the floors in the house. Then when the coins and oranges are warm also, put them into nice cointainers - like a bowl for the coins and a basket for the oranges.

Kam Ngan 1
Gold and money waiting at the main door

Wait until all the guests have arrived, then make them stand outside the house main door. Put the bowl of coins and basket of oranges at the front of the main door. If you like, play the lion dance music (for some noise). Then get the guests, one by one, grab a handful of the coins and an orange, say something blessful for the house or the houseowners (like, "may the house be blessed with lots of happiness" or something, not a must to say something la), then with all your might (but gently!), roll the orange and throw the coins into the house from the main door. Watch them roll all over the house - into the living room, kitchen, rooms, bathrooms. Go upstairs and roll them around the floor too. Do it until the bowl and the basket are empty. Then leave them on the floor until whenever you want, say, until the guests have all gone home. Then go treasure hunting, collect back all the coins and oranges. Don't fret if you can't find all the coins. *smile*

Kam Ngan 2
Wealth and good fortune all over the house

It was really fun, especially when we did it at my parents' house. It's coz our house doesn't go up like any other houses. Ours goes downwards. From the main door, walk down a flight of stairs to the living room, dining room and kitchen, walk another flight of stairs down to my bedroom and a guest room, then walk one more flight of stairs down to my parents' and Sis' rooms. So when we threw the oranges and coins from the main door, they rolled all the way downwards and it was soooooo noisy!

There's still a number of coins missing in the house. Hehe.. Would be fun to be able to find them some day. ;) I don't quite believe in superstitious but hey, it's fun! Try it! Am sure you will love it! *grin*


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