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Friday, February 17, 2006

Batman In The Building

We have a Batman in our office, you know or not? He likes to hang out at the covered carpark lot, always in front of a certain department (maybe a lot of 'leng luis' there?). He's so quiet that none of us would have taken notice of him unless we're really that observant. So quiet and motionless that we do not know if he's dead or not...

Batman Close Up
Mr. Batman

What, did you really thought Batman exist?? *grin*

Labu actually noticed its existence when we were walking towards my car early this week. She being the 'kay poh chee' type, was curious to know what was that brown-brown thing hanging on the ceiling beam. "Patchee, It's a bat laaaaaa!" We kept asking each other (and the rest of my colleagues the next day) where in the heck did the bat come from (coz our office is basically in an industrial area, there's no caves nearby also)... What is it doing up there.. And all that. We found it really suprising it's there in our building, coz really, the only times I've seen bats were when I went up Batu Caves for a school trip many years ago, zoo or on the telly.

According to a few of my colleagues, it's been hanging there for a couple of months already. The rest of them didn't even knew it was there until I asked them about it. We all do not know if it's dead or alive. We know that bats sleep like that, hanging upside down. But if it's still alive, why is it hanging at the same location the past few months? My colleagues (the ones that saw it first) felt that it's been staying on the very same spot the whole time. If it's dead, then it should have been rotting by now. But we do not dare to poke it with a stick. Scared laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..

Some say it's a bad omen to have a bat flying into the house or something. Izzit?? Could this coincidentally bring to the fact that today's count, 8 people has tendered their resignations. 8 is deemed a lot for us, considering it's a really medium-sized company. Koala Bear's the 8th person, handed in his letter to Dexter early this morning. I knew about it coz he's mentioned to me for months now that he's really planning to quit and so I knew beforehand that it's gonna be today. So sad.. In a month's time, I will not see Koala Bear, who sits beside me on my left, dozing off after lunch breaks. I will not have someone to bug to whenever I am stuck in my projects. As much as I kept telling him to delay his resignation and that I will sulk whole day long, I know that he deserves a much better treatment and credits than what he's been getting here. And I hope that he'll have a better future in whatever he chooses to do and wherever he wants to go.

Until then, I'm gonna terrorize him a lot coz I for sure will miss having him as my colleague, and I am glad to have him as a friend.


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