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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I'm a Fun Flip-Flop!

Played this quiz, courtesy of Moorish. I'm a pair of flip-flops. "Laid-back and casual, you're comfortably chic in style and substance.". Cheh wah! *grin*

Glam.com Shoe Quiz
That's me! That's me!

It suits me well coz I really do love wearing flip-flops, sandals, slippers, super low-heeled shoes, etc. With flip-flops, I can do all my little skips here and there. I do not have to act so feminine and posh. I can wear them for travelling or even shopping all day long (no need to worry for blisters or 'sakit kaki'). I can run anywhere without having to worry that I will fall. The only problem is that, because I'm soooo clumsy, I can still trip even when I'm wearing flip-flops. Yah lar, wear so flat shoes also still can trip, what is this. I would laugh at myself so loud after that. But, oh, sungguh memalukan!

Once in a while whenever I leave my high heels at home, Inspector would comment, "You quite short ahhh?", or rest his arm on my shoulder. It's ok, I'm totally fine with that. See? I put my height to good use. So nice of me! Otherwise.. You would see a pair of fun flip-flops flying towards his direction. *lol*

So, what type of shoe are you?


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