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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

An Appeal For Blogger Siao Cha Bor

I had only known Siao Cha Bor as one of the Sing Song Project kakis. But she is in coma now.

An update from Lin Peh, she has stabilized. Her brain is not at its best, but it's a good progress as the rest of her organs are improving. She can still hear the people around her. More info here and here.

Am helping Lin Peh to spread this news out. He is appealing to everyone (whether you know her personally, or you are her readers, or none of them) to make an audio recording to wake her up. Tell her to come back and blog. Tell her that she has enough of sleep. Tell her it's time to meet up for reunion. Tell her she needs to be back on her feet already. Tell her we all miss her. Just like the Sing Song Projects, please record your message and send it to Lin Peh at xymalaysia@yahoo.com. He will compile all the messages into a CD, hand it to Siao Cha Bor's mum and get her to play it over and over again to boost her up.

Please do this for Siao Cha Bor. She really needs this from all of us.


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