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Friday, April 07, 2006

My Bathroom Pets & Bridal Photoshoot Review

Hammie asked if I wanted any. "I want! I want!". I got 19 of them. Muahahahaha....

Presenting Orca's latest collection - myFlipper toothbrush holders, animals collection...

Bathroom Pets
They're awfully cute, no?

Hammie knew some connections and we got them at staff price. I'm probably the only one in the office who gushes at all cute things like these. *grin* It was for a limited period only, so I ordered 2 complete sets (16 altogether) and 3 others for Moorish and Sue. I'm taking the pig coz I love pigs - They're soooooooooooooooo cute!!

I'm giving Mum the cow and Sis the dog. It's their animal signs. Guess their ages! *lol* I don't know which one to give Dad coz they don't have his animal sign. Giraffe or zebra is cute though. Inspector will get the lion coz he's a Leo. *wink* The rest will be distributed amongst Inspector's family, Sis' bf's family (she's gonna bring them along when she visits her bf in Hong Kong next week), and a couple of my closest friends (Gummy, which one you like ah?).

I'll start using mine once I've moved into the new house. Speaking of the house, Inspector and I have yet to scout for bedroom sets. We've been so busy with the wedding preparations, don't even have the time to fill up our Income Tax forms. *gasp* When is the deadline, by the way?

Oh, last Friday's photoshoot was fun. Was there at the bridal house since 7am (to do make-up and hairdo first). Then the shoot started at 8 plus and ended around 2pm. They follow the storyboard concept so we had a variety of scenes. We did very, very, very, very little of the standard poses in a small studio room where you stand (or sit) in front of the plain background. But we spent most of the time lingering around the house - on the staircase, by the balcony, on the sofa, porch, swing and the garden, doing progressive shots (storyboard mar!) and individual shots. We threw rose petals onto the air. We popped the cork off the sparkling juice, poured some into the champagne glasses and drank from them. We blew bubbles and catched them with our hands (the makeup artist joined in the fun. Hehe..). We ran around the porch. Inspector piggybacked me and also carried me. The photographer was supposed to bring his Dachshund but too bad, the dog was on sick leave. So we made do with releasing birds instead. Hehe.. All real and natural. This is what we wanted. This is why we chose this particular bridal house. We are reaaaaaaaaally lousy actors, so we can't do those "look left a bit, chin up a bit, smile wider a bit" shots like how they are in the other bridal houses (especially the typically Taiwanese photostyles - no offence to those who took such packages).

We'd only taken very few pictures with our own cameras which are of course, not as nice since we are not that professional. But the photographer managed to upload all the pictures onto his notebook and we viewed them whenever we had our 5 minutes breaks. I have to admit, they were really niceeeeeeee.. I can't wait to see how will they look like when the photographer adds in his magical touch. *smile*

Agendas for this month (besides scouting for the bedroom sets and filling up Income Tax forms) - Finalize the invitation card design, collect the thumbnails CD in 1-2 weeks time and select the photos for the album, food tasting at the hotel and scout for bridesmaids' dresses. 3 more months to go!


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