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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Have Fun Sex Before Marriage?

A very lengthy online conversation while at work..

Orange: So when is your big day?
Me: Few months time
Orange: Wah congrats
Me: Thank you, thank you. Any advice?
Orange: Well have one last fun b4 u marry hehe. Then you won't regret it
Me: What kind of fun
Orange: Sex
Me: Before marriage? Wah.. With who??
Orange: Hehe.. U seems keen wor.. I can sacrifice for your sake
Me: Cheh wah.. Later your wife come attack me with parang
Orange: How would she know? If u and I didn't tell. So what do you say? When and where?
Me: Ok set. 31st of this month
Orange: Doesn't exist
Me: So clever, you
Orange: Of course. So when my dear? End of this month 30th?
Me: Hey, seriously.. You really did that ahh before your marriage?
Orange: Well. Hehe yes
Me: With someone else??
Orange: Wah, not clear enough ah?
Me: Mind a bit blocked mar now. Wah.. You did it with who laaa..
Orange: With a girl la, who else. U won't know her la
Me: I think for guyz easier la.. Girls a bit hard..
Orange: Why hard?
Me: I mean, theoretically speaking, the girl wouldn't know if the guy did it before right? But the guy would know if the girl did
Orange: Well not true. Guys can't tell also except by the way you behave on bed. If u r new u will lie down as a log and pretend saying pain pain. Then he also can't tell
Me: How can just pretend pain.. The guy can feel wan mar, won't he?
Orange: Nola. That not accurate one. U also can pretend hard to enter ma. So want me to demo to u
Me: Nahhh... Haha..
Orange: So bad. Make me so interested then potong steam
Me: But you're married woh
Orange: Helping a friend ma. So free tonight?
Me: No la. I'd feel damn guilty
Orange: U won't. I teach u how not to
Me: Wah.. You'd really do it hah?
Orange: Well why not? Then I teach u how to tell ur hubby virgin or not
Me: Hehe.. Nvm.. You tell me here how to tell he's virgin
Orange: Well u come meet me i tell u
Me: Dowan laa...
Orange: Trust me it will be for your own benefits
Me: But won't this contradict what marriage is about? Eh.. Later I tell your wife.. Hehe..
Orange: U b4 marriage ma
Me: Need feelings if wanna do mar
Orange: Well I give u feelings. Trust me it is for your own good of your future marriage. If u don't do it u will regret for life and since he sure do it one
Me: Cannot la.. I cannot do it with someone else besides my husband
Orange: U think he is the right man?
Me: Yup
Orange: But i tell u, he sure do with other women b4 marry. I can tell u he will do with a prostitute which is worst
Me: As long as I don't know, then it's ok. But I cannot do it to myself
Orange: Well u r only one sided. He can do but u can't. Trust me, u won't regret one
Me: But you see.. If you can do it with someone else right before your marriage, how can you be sure that you won't do it again after your marriage
Orange: That's my point, it never stops. Unfortunately this is life. He will continue to do it even after marriage
Me: Isn't this considered an affair already?

Orange: Not really
Me: That goes to say you're doing it also la? Hehe..
Orange: Some ppl treat sex as a product. Just like u buy perfume, sex is also a product
Me: But feelings are involved.. And consequences
Orange: Well says who? It is only ur conscience. And who is to say what is right or wrong
Me: You mean to say that, you wouldn't mind your wife sleeping with someone else too after your marriage?
Orange: Like u said, if u don't find out. In fact it is better at least they know how much u love them. Like u said also there is a difference when doing with someone u love and u don't. So the moment they find out that outside is not good, they will stop. Better than u never try and always wonder
Me: But you know that she will, she can and she probably is doing it now
Orange: Well not anymore. Hehe.. Like I said once u know the difference, u will stop
Me: Hehe.. But you haven't stopped
Orange: I am helping a friend. Haha..
Me: Hehe.. Same laaaaaaaa...
Orange: So what do u say?
Me: I'd say no thank you. Try it on someone else. Hehe..
Orange: Sigh.. So waste all my saliva
Me: Haha..
Orange: Anyway, SUPRISE! U PASS THE TEST!!
Me: You idiot!
Orange: Was just teasing with u earlier. Hehe.. Anyway, really happy for u
Me: Eh you really did it ah? Or you pulling my leg?
Orange: Pulling ur leg la
Me: *Phew* I was about to wonder if I'm talking to the correct person
Orange: But trust me, some of your bf's friends will do the real one on him. So if I were u, just prepare him mentally. If u want your marriage to last, don't ever try outside. Once they try, it is hard to come back. Just sit down and have a very very serious talk with him
Me: He's not the type who wants to have affairs or one night stands
Orange: I also not those type who wants one night stand. But did u know b4 marry, all my friends would try to tempt me. Similarly like what I did to u but theirs worst
Me: Hehe.. Really?
Orange: They brought a model girl to ask me sleep with her. If I didn't know what I want, I would fall for it. Most guys will
Me: Wow. I thought it would only happen in western countries or in the movies
Orange: Says who. U still so naive. Haha..

Now, would you go out and have fun with your life before you tie the knot? Or if you're having your hen's or stag's night, would you want to have a stripper and let him/her do all sorts of stuff (even sex) with you? Coz you know, you just want to spend the most out of your bachelorhood while it lasts. You wanna have the last flings before you commit yourself to the one and only person for the rest of your life. Would you do that?


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