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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Why I'm So Helpful Leh?

Hammie: You got a sample letter which you use to write when your friend put you as a reference? My friend put me as reference, then this company write email to me and want me to describe her. What to write ah?
Me: Errrr... Eh by the way, did I tell you that you are my referral also? *lol*
Hammie: Really? Haha.. Then I have to charge liao
Me: Hehe.. You need to give me more details about your friend. How you know her, what position she's applying for, bla bla.
Hammie: She's from here wan la last time
Me: Ya ke? Siapa?
Hammie: You know wan. Neh.. You don't like her wan.
Me: Ooohhhhhhh... She ahhhhhhhhhhh
Hammie: Yah lor! She want to apply for manager. I dunno how to write.
Me: Like that.. You write as an employer better la since you were her supervisor. Let me draft something first, I send to you later.

She was the only colleague from few years ago that I did not see eye to eye with. She annoyed me with her princess-like and the "I'm always right, you're wrong" attitude when clearly she was in the wrong. Oh, she always butt into other people's conversations even if they're chatting soooo far away from her.

And now, I wrote a superb recommendation letter for her on behalf of Hammie. I don't know whether to laugh or not. What is it with me and writing sample letters for resignation (I've written several for my colleagues before) and reference anyway? Haha.. But I do wish her all the very best and may she get the job. ;)


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