Memory.. Little threads that hold life's patches of meaning together. ~ Mark Twain

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Bumpy Ride

People say that college years are one of the best years in one's life, that one should enjoy these years to the fullest.

He went all out for their relationship. But she wasn't. She felt that at 18, she was still too young to commit into one. After four months into the relationship, she broke it off. He avoided her yet she confessed to her best friend that she still missed him greatly. A few months later, he asked her again and she gladly accepted him back. This time, she thought she would give them another chance.

They were happy for a while... Until his best friend came into the picture. He had been confiding that he had feelings for one of his close friend's ex. She suggesed that he'd be sure if his friend was alright with it and that the ex had feelings for him too. Turned out, he meant her. He was furious that his best friend betrayed him and their friendship, for trying to 'steal his girl'. She was upset and felt she was at fault.

To make matters worse, they were both in the midst of their Finals. She was being pressured to excel in her studies, to be accepted into top-rated universities. With the tension building on in her, she subconsciously isolated herself from him and her friends. They drifted apart and by the end of the year, she let him go again. She felt she was to be blamed for all that had happened.


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