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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Out Goes The Invites, In Comes The Pressies!

Invitation cards are finally ready to be sent out! First batch goes to my colleagues and then this weekend, to my close friends.

Muffinz Uncle was extremely generous to sponsor to print out the cards for me. He owns a printing company actually, but I do intend to pay him back. What I did was to search for a front cover picture, provide him how I'd want my content to be, he got his designer to design the entire card for me for free. So nice! After a couple rounds of modification, Muffinz Uncle got the cards printed on recycled paper. They're of course not as posh as the proper wedding invites you'd usually get (with glitters, embossed wordings and all), but hey! It's fantastic enough for me. *grin*

He had also printed a stack of cards only for the location map, with the idea that guests can just bring the map card along without the invitation card itself. I bought pink ribbons and a leather belt puncher from a Tukang Jahit shop. Punched holes onto the front cover and tied the ribbons on it, to give a sweet and bright colour onto the card. Also coz Mum thinks it's better to have something red/pink since the card is not of that colours, Chinese traditions la. Then I printed out the names on the envelopes, and inserted the card and the map card into them. Finally, I bought a stack of glittered personalized name stickers (that's sold for about RM 5 per 100 stickers), and stuck one on the back of the envelope.

Wah lahhhhh..................

Wedding Invitation Cards
An almost DIY wedding invitation card collection

Last evening, my neighbour, a.k.a Sis' godmother & her family gave me a present in conjunction with my ROM. They attached a card along with it, "May your married life be Sweet... Sweet... Sweet...".

Wedding Present - Patchi Chocolates
A box of Patchi chocolates with a lovely packaging

On top of that, Mum's Japanese lady friend mailed us some gifts. She gave me an envelope holder made out of wire and a handmade purse pouch (with 50,000 yen in it!!) as wedding gifts.

Japanese Wedding Gifts
Gifts all the way from Japan

Soooooooo nice of them! I'm gonna go shopping this weekend to give them something as an appreciation gift. *wide wide grin* Have a nice weekend, everyone!!!


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