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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Very Busy Bee

Can't wait for all these to be done with.. To get over with.. There's too many last minute things to do that I just had to go on leave starting today!

My phone has been ringing non stop. It's either the florists (one attached to the bridal house to provide the car deco and the bridal hand bouquet, the other one is a freelancer who's gonna be doing the corsages and decorating the baskets for flower girl and page boy), or the bridal house, or the hotel co-ordinator, or the guests to rsvp their attendance, both sides of the parents making last minute demands, or Inspector with the guest list and other arrangements, or friends regarding the agenda or slideshows, so on and so forth. What's more, I've yet to finish up all the slideshows and pack my stuffs! I'm slowly trying to my things over to the new house in several stages. Mum's gonna help me clean up the house (bless her!). I have to make a couple of trips to the hotel, bridal house, nail salon and several other shops for this and that.

Sometimes I'd really wish I could clone myself so that I can do many things and be at different places at the very same time. It's getting reaaaaally frustrating when I just want to have a simple yet memorable wedding but there's so many more of "you must do this and that, you cannot do this and that" shooting at you from every angle. Argh!!!

I have to remember to pass this to Inspector to bring along to the florist as deco for the bridal car, a present from Princess...

Bridal Bears
Teddy bears getting married. Tee hee hee..

I also have to remember to pack this along with all my other stuffs (i.e. wedding album, guest's "Recipe to a Happy Marriage" cards, music CDs, wedding march song, confetti, itinery) to bring to the hotel, a present from Inspector's cousin sister all the way in London...

TattyTeddy Guest Book
Ms. & Mr. Patchee.. Haha..

Ok.. A lot of things waiting for me to do now. Will post another day.


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