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Sunday, June 11, 2006

My Hen's Night

It was M-A-D!!!!!!!!!!!!

The girls had been mass mailing each other on what to do for the hen's night. It was very rushing coz I had only managed to slot in a free Saturday just for them and they had to plan everything in less than a fortnight. It boiled down to 2 ideas - spa ("but one person per room, so lonely!") or clubbing ("too noisy la and I don't drink!"). Because it was a last minute thing and by then, it would be difficult to book for day spa packages, we ended up going clubbing. Uh oh.. I still had the 'scary' memories of Jewel's hen's night. Even Sis wanted to pull out from the outing when she heard of all the games they were planning for me. *lol*

We started off with a trip to Kuku Bar, Bangsar for some manicure/pedicure sessions. It's funny coz in my entire life, I've not been for any of these but now that I'm getting married, I'm suddenly going for manicure for my 3rd time and pedicure for my 2nd time. Not that I'm complaining though.. It's actually very fun to do it with a bunch of friends. *grin*

Then we headed off to Chalet Suisse, a Swiss restaurant hidden between lots of Korean restaurants in Ampang. Even with a map in hand, we still got lost. Tee hee hee. Food seemed pricey but I guess we're paying for the ambience and yes, they did taste delicious and came with heavy servings. Very cheesy too. Yum yum! I couldn't even finish my Chicken and Veal Bratwurst!

The girls were pretty worried that there will be less guys in the club, or worse, all will be deeply immersed with World Cup. What's more, last night it was the match between England and Paraguay. I heard them suggesting to bring strippers back to someone's place. Hehehe.. We ended up in Passion though, the same place where we had Jewel's hen's night. That was when the night REALLY began!

We warmed up with a bottle of Bombay Blue Sapphire Gin. Then we started off with the Truth or Dare card game. I think we've changed the rules for countless times. Hehe.. Then Lily took out a new set of Bachelorette Party cards she bought over from eBay. The whole deck was only dares! I had to scout around the club gazillion times to look for dare 'victims'. *lol* Then the girls took out a white collared tee with their messages and a few random guys' names on it. Just like Jewel, I had to go around the club to look for guys with those names. That was pretty tough. At one point of time, in a distress attempt, I went up to the DJ to ask if he could announce the names for me. Easier mar! Too bad, he didn't have a mic but I got a free signature from him anyway. Haha! For the final game, I was made to sell a couple of M&M packets blindfolded. I was pretty lucky coz all I needed to do was to hold up the packets, while the girls did most of the talking and convincing.

By the end of the games, I was pretty blur already. I'm not a drinker, really. The most I drank (also, my first and only drinking session) was a glass of Bailey's and a few sips of beer while touring in Amsterdam 6 years ago. That also I was still ok. But last night, it was considered too great for me. A few glasses of small volume of gin (as Bubble kept telling, "Only 1 teaspoon of gin la!"), topped up with lots of Coke, and a tall glass of Sex on the Beach (is that alcoholic drink, anyway?) really did it for me. A bit dizzy and I was pretty quiet after that. *lol*

We left at 2 plus in the morning. Took my shower and somehow, vomitted the whole lot of my Swiss dinner! Was still conscious enough to call/SMS the girls to check if they got home safely though. But I had to wake up pretty early to go scout for wardrobe in Ikea. Oh boy...........

My Hen's Outing
Gin, girls, games, guys, giggles... GILA-NESS!

To the girls - Sis, Moorish, Bubble, Sue, Wan Nei, Lily and Jewel - Thank you soooo, soooo much for the entire night. You girls have the privilege to see me stoned the first time in my entire life! I had helluva fun and I hope you all did too. *hugz*

To Gummy, you missed the fun!!! Would love to have you around though. But then again, with all that was going on that night, I don't know if you should count yourself lucky. Hehe..

Now I'm wondering who's gonna get married next. With the games we've had for Jewel's and mine, I'm pretty sure the standards are gonna be much more higher the next time. Really good luck to whoever she is, man. *lol*


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