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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Our Wedding Part II

------ Flashback : Evening Ceremony ------

We checked into the Bridal Suite, which in less than 10 minutes later, became a make up + changing + napping + shower + lepak room for the whole wedding crew. *lol* And oh, did I mention that we were given a complimentary chocolate box, a fruit basket and a bottle of champagne? The bathtub was filled with water and loose rose petals, while it was surrounded by lovely marbles and empty coloured bottles with rose-shaped candles on them. Very nice!

After a short rest, we proceeded towards the ballroom for rehearsal. I finally got to see the backdrop and I was so proud of it. For the past few weeks, the hotel were unable to enlarge the image I used for the invitation cards. I wanted a Precious Moments wedding theme, hence the backdrop with a PM image. I searched through the net for more of such images. I even visited several Precious Thots stores to search for wedding related items. The one and only thing I could find that was huge enough was a stickon photo album. I decided to purchase it. So backdrop costed me RM 79. But it was damn nice! I sooooo wish I could bring it home... Hehehhee...

We were about to begin our rehearsal but only then did I realize that I absentmindedly left the wedding march and cake cutting CDs at home! Of all the things I had double, no triple checked, I had to forget those. Even in the morning I ran through with my bridesmaids to bring the album, guestbook, flowers, confetti, overnight bag, gowns, shoes, vouchers, slideshow CDs, projector, background music CDs, notebook, etc.. I HAD to forget the CDs myself, the most important ones of all. Argh! I panicked. Was so upset at myself. Was about to get someone to fetch me home to get the CDs, even though the city was having a massive traffic jam. *Gah* But my 'heng tais' came to the rescue. They purchased Wi-Fi access from the hotel, logged on to the Internet through one of the notebooks and downloaded the songs. We were all ready for rehearsal 15 minutes later. *Phew* I'm ever so grateful to them. I even found out that the night before, after they left my place at about 3am, they checked into the hotel, continued doing up the slideshows until 4 plus, then woke up at 6am just to drive over to Inspector's place to videograph the morning ceremony starting from his side. *sniff* We ran through the march several times while my 'heng tais' tested out the sound system and slideshows, and Inspector wrote his Thank You speech. By about 4.30pm, we were all done and went back to the Bridal Suite to rest and also to peel out the rose petals for the flowergirl's basket. Took my shower and then waited for my turn to be made up.

By 6.15pm, all the wedding crewmembers were ready for the Cocktail Reception which started at 6.30pm. I was hoping that Dinner would begin at 7pm as stated in our invitation card. Unfortunately, it only began at 7.45pm after Inspector 'collected' me for the wedding march. We had our parents walking into the ballroom first, followed by the page boy with his basket of confetti, flower girl with her basket of loose rose petals, 2 pairs of bridesmaids and groom's men, maid of honor with the bestman, and finally us. It was a great and happy moment when we walked in. The guests were cheering and clapping for us, some kept throwing confetti at us. It was indeed an undescribable feeling even though I kept worrying that I would trip over the red carpet. Tee hee hee.

Our Wedding Dinner
The ballroom and its deco.

Then everything went by quickly. Food presentation. Dishes were served without long wait in between. The emcees entertained the guests with slideshows of our Love Story (perfected by the 'heng tais') and morning ceremony events (provided by the photographer). Inspector and I mingled around after the 2nd dish was served. By the 3rd dish, we went back to the Bridal Suite to change. Me into a maroon gown, he in a red round collared tee and the dark blue suit.

Full Wedding Dinner Menu
Menu served during the dinner.

We got back into the ballroom, mingled around with the guests, took some pictures, and went up to the stage for the Cake Cutting and Toasting sessions. Then we went to each table for Yum Seng. We felt so grateful that at least 97% of the guests took the time to come attend our wedding. That wasn't all. One or two Datuks attended as well. Even all my big bosses including the MD also came. Inspector's bosses were there too. *grin*

After we finished doing all the Yum Sengs, Inspector gave his Thank You speech, we bid farewell to the guests, and took lots of photos with those who stayed back. By then, Inspector's dad got totally drunk. It was quite funny coz Inspector was disappointed that he was still sober despite drinking so much of wine and liquor, that it was his day but his dad pulak yang konked out. Hehe...

We did all the necessary payment with the hotel, then Inspector and I went back to the Bridal Suite where the girls were waiting for us to open presents. Was so appreciative of their thought of requesting for Room Service to clean up the room before we got there. Sue, Moorish, Lily and Jewel gave us a The Couple's Book by Benrik (see the final book in here), 2 boxes of Durex, a set of lacy lingerie and G-string undies (very very 'pai seh'), a card and a Precious Moments figurine "Till The End Of Time (Just Married)". Very niceeeeeeeeeeeeee.. Another one to add to my Precious Moments collection. Tee hee hee... Jewel gave an additional present. She self-made a keyring holder using only tissue papers, colours, hooks and a chopping board. It was reaaaally nice. We're definitely gonna use it. Will take a picture of it once we've hung it up. *grin*

They left after 1am, then we waited for Inspector's brother to fetch their dad home, and to come back to the hotel with Mamee noodle in a cup. *lol* Tak makan marrr.. We waited for the Germany vs Portugal match till 3am, but Inspector already dozed off in less than 5 minutes after that. Hehe..

That was how our wedding went. It was indeed successful and memorable event for us. It definitely wouldn't have been so if not for all the help we've gotten from our families and friends. They have all really contributed a lot for us in every single way. They have been so thoughtful that saying Thank Yous a million times alone is never enough.

Thank You to our families for bringing us up well in every possible way, for contributing so much to the house and for our wedding, for giving us your blessings in our marriage.

Thank You to Sis, Wan Nei, Gummy, Inspector's bro, Footitie and Chef for being our Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids, Best Man and Groom's Men respectively. For walking down the aisle with us, for making sure we have enough food and drinks to fill our empty stomachs with from time to time. Special Thank You to Wan Nei for rescuing us when we got locked out from our room when we wanted to change into our other costumes during the dinner. Inspector and I actually had fun lingering outside the room and joking about the odds of newlyweds being in this situation. *lol*

Thank You to Bubble and Aneh for being our Emcees. For making the wedding lively with your witty jokes and getting the whole event well co-ordinated with all the slideshows, the wedding march and all the sessions.

Thank You to Moorish and Sue for assisting at the Guest Reception. For making sure all the guests are seated accordingly. For making sure they were able to sign on the guestbook and "Recipe" cards. For collecting all the angpows and gifts on our behalfs.

Thank You to Nutty and FRG for taking the time to fly all the way back from Bintulu and Bangladesh just to attend my wedding. Thank You both and Chino for putting the night before, perfecting the slideshows and taking care of the sound system.

Thank You to our Page Boy and Flower Girl for being a part of our bridal entourage.

Thank You to all the Chi Muis for organizing the morning ceremony games, and the Heng Tais for being so sporting about it. Thank You all for waking up so early for this as well.

Thank You to the hotel's banquet co-ordinator. We wouldn't have gotten everything well planned if not for you. And Thank You so much for contributing in the favor gift boxes. They're so lovely that I brought some home for keepsake.

Thank You to all our guests - Relatives, friends and colleagues for taking the time to attend our wedding. Am glad to hear that the food was good, the event was good and the reunion was good. We truly hope so. :)

Thank You to the rest who could not make it for the wedding, and Sorry to those who we were not able to invite due to the lack of space in the ballroom.

Thank You all for your thoughts, well wishes and gifts regardless of whether you attended the wedding or not. We really, really appreciate all that. *smile*

Thank You one, Thank You all!!!



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