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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The 1st Month Mark

Can't believe that we've been married for a month now. With the wedding events still fresh in the mind, it almost seemed like we got married last weekend. I must admit I've been looking at the pictures over and over again and still am not bored with them. *grin*

Being married is undeniably a huge change for the both of us. Especially for me, I guess. The princess who used to live under her parents' roof her entire life now learns to cook, wash and clean. Don't count the years when I was abroad, we're talking the rest of the life now. Sometimes having to live further away from my parents makes me homesick but there's always the weekend visits back to my parents' place and the daily phone calls to them. Besides, with Inspector around, it's really not that lonely. *smile*

I really love the sound of it whenever I chat with my friends and colleagues and I no longer refer him as "my boyfriend" but as "my husband", and when he refers me as his wife. I love it whenever we kiss before we leave the house for work and then it's "Honey, I'm home!". I love it when I watch him bring the bread I pack for him for breakfast. I love it whenever he comes home early and help out with the cooking, or with the chores during the weekends. I love it when he eats the food I cook for him no matter how bad it might taste. I love it when the first person I see when I wake up and the last person I see before I go to sleep is him.

I know that we have 50 more years to go (hopefully we'd get to live that long!). And of course, along the way, there'll be rough patches here and there, bumpy rides every now and then. But we will pull through together and we'll aim for that 50th year. *grin*

Happy 1st Month to the both of us!


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