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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Housewife's Remedies Part I

After 2 months or so of cooking, cleaning and washing, I've come to learn of a few interesting remedies that you can try on should you ever come to face the same situations as I did. You might have already or perhaps have not known about them, but I'd just want to share it out.

Situation #1 : When the toilet is clogged - either due to too many things thrown into the bowl (kids' doing or pet litters), human deposits, or even those blue goo-ey tablets.
Possible solutions suggested : Use plunger, a coat hanger or pour in chemical drain cleaner (this is a bit dangerous though).
Remedy : Use a dishwater liquid instead. Just pour around 3-4 tablespoons of it into the bowl. Wait for probably 10-15 minutes, and then flush. A loud 'whoosh' tells you that it's successfully flushed down. If it doesn't, pour in more liquid and let it wait longer before you flush again. Saves $$ from calling for your plumber. *grin*

Situation #2 : You need to mess with the dried chillis and face consequences of burning (reaaaaaally burning!) fingers. It burns when your fingers touch on water, it also burns when your fingers feel heat. To make it worse, it just won't go away!
Remedy : Of course, best prevention is to wear gloves when handling the chilis. Otherwise, dip your fingers in a bowl of ice. Guarantee the burning sensation will be gone within 5-10 minutes.

That's all I can think of at the moment. Perhaps Ah Pek can add the first remedy into his DIY handyman blog. How about you people try it and then tell me if they work. :)


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