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Friday, October 27, 2006

Strange Coincidence

It's so strange how when you thought you saw someone so like a person you know of, but never imagined it would be him/her coz he/she was supposed to be in another continent. Then turns out it was him/her all along.

Me: Hey, I thought i saw you in The Curve shopping mall last week
Joy: Ohmigoodness... Was that on Sat?? U saw a girl with black 3/4 pants?
Me: Erhm.. I didn't see the pants. She wore a sleeveless maroon-ish top. Long black wavy hair like yours and just as fair as you
Joy: Hmm.. Dun remember the top but the hair sounds about right.. Btw I was in Msia.. I was at the Curve on Sat..
Me: You were??????????????
Joy: I didn't call anyone when I was in Msia bcos I was only there for like 2 days.. What a coincidence..
Me: I saw you at the centre court. You looked bored. Hehe..
Joy: Hehe.. Bored coz I couldn't buy stuff.. I was enroute to Melbourne
Me: To quote tweety bird, "I tot I taw Joy.. I did! I did taw Joy!"
Joy: Hehe.. I thought I wouldn't hv time to meet up with anyone, so didn't contact friends, only saw family

Imagine that.. Such a strange coincidence.. She flew in from London then flew to Melbourne 2 days later, yet I saw her in The Curve when she was in KL. Wow.. If only I had the guts to go up to her that time and ask, "Are you Joy?"


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