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Saturday, October 07, 2006

O' Tanglungs

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one celebration that I'd try not to miss each year. Until now, the child within me still finds joy lighting up lanterns. Otherwise, I'd be happy enough lighting candles all over the place and then scrap off the wax. *Grin*

This year's celebration was extra special because we got to celebrate with both of our families together in our new place. It was a very last minute planning, otherwise we could have been able to invite our close friends to join in. Mum prepared most of the dinner - vegetarian noodles, curry chicken, braised mushrooms, steamed yams, prawns and fruit salad. I had only managed to prepare longan jelly and red bean soup, in which both weren't sweet enough and had to be improvised by Sis. So 'pai seh'.

Not forgetting the traditional way of celebrating the festival, there were the many kinds of mooncake flavours, the 'piglet' biscuits and peanuts to munch on while sipping Chinese tea. Too bad we didn't manage to buy those Batman look-alike nuts and the sweet white cakes. And oh, one should never forget lanterns as well, coz that's the highlight of the festival, don't you think so?

We've had a plastic chicken lantern that lays eggs. Sis got this for Bumblebee.

Plastic lantern
So cute, no?

Sis managed to buy a piece of the really old school lantern, the ones made out of colourful glass paper. Apparently not many shops sell this now.

Glass papered lantern
Pretty glowing fish.

Of course, there's the common ones made out of crepe paper, that you can easily purchase anywhere.

Crepe papered lanterns
Bright lights in a row.

Sad to say, we weren't able to stay outdoors for too long because of the haze. It was slightly windy as well, which unfortunately, burnt one of the crepe papered lanterns...

Burnt lantern
Holy smoke!

Despite that, we still had fun. Hopefully next year's celebration will be a much better one, and without the haze.


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