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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Vomit = Pregnant?

I had indigestion problem last morning, vomitted several times and had a massive headache after that. So I decided to stay at home instead and slept the whole day.

Later at night, the parents-in-law came over (they live just across from ours mah!) and fussed about whether I'm pregnant. "Got fever or not?". "You vomit what?". "Go urine test la". "First one is the most important. Must jaga properly". Poor Inspector had to ask "You're not pregnant, right?".

I told Mum about it this morning. She laughed and then asked, "You got miss your period ah?". AIYO, I'M NOT PREGNANT LAR! She told Sis who then came online and told me, "Jie, faster born baby la".

Should I go knock my head on the wall now?


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