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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Gold Coast - Advice Needed

Inspector and I will be jetting off to Gold Coast for our honeymoon cum my well-deserved long service award (partially subsidized by my company. Tee hee hee..) this coming Saturday.. Which means in 2 days time. Whooopeeeeeeee!

We're all going on a summer holiday
No more working for a week or two
Fun and laughter on a summer holiday
No more worries for me and you
For a week or two

Well, it's not exactly summer coz it's still spring there and we'll be there for 5 days but still, my service award comes together with free 5 days leave. So technically it's still "no more worries for a week!" Muahahahaha...

We're going where the sun shine brightly
We're going where the sea is blue
We've seen it in the movies
Now let's see if it's true

Now here's where I need your advice. We're definitely going to SeaWorld and MovieWorld, and then plan to make a trip up to Harbour Town (but how to go there from Surfers Paradise?). Where else should we go? Any recommendation on places to eat and drink? So far we've got Pancakes in Paradise in our list. We were also told to try out seafood platter and XXXX beer. What else? What should we pack? We plan to pack as little clothes as we can and then go for shopping spree there. Hehehe.. Yes, we plan to splurge! Buy lots of things for ourselves, for families and friends! And oh, do you think a 1Gb memory stick is enough to last for 5 days? Only 2 days in Cameron Highlands and I had already taken around 150 photos. How ahhhh??

Everybody has a summer holiday
Doing things they always wanted to
So we're going on a summer holiday
To make our dreams come true
For me and you.

Please pray that we will have a lovely honeymoon trip - plenty of sunshine heading our way.. Zip a dee doo dah! *Grin*


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