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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Day 2 - Sea World

[updated on 11th Nov. 2006]

Apparently the sun rises around 4.53am, but I managed to wake up at 6am (it's 4am in Malaysia!) just to peep at the sky. And this was what I saw..

Gold Coast Sky
The sky at 6am

Went back to dreamland and woke up an hour later for a hearty hotel breakfast. By 8.55am, we were already waiting at the lobby for our 'royal' Door2Door airbus to fetch us to Sea World. We were allowed to choose between 4 different times for the driver to fetch us back to the hotel. If at all we decide to change the pick up time, we'd just need to give them a ring. So nice, yah? Hence, macam royalty treatment. Tee hee hee..

Door 2 Door Airbus
The royalty transportation mode

We spent half the day at Sea World. We did not go for any of the rides, but we went to the World of the Sea Aquarium, Dugong Discovery, Polar Bear Shores, Penguins on Paradise, Sea Lions at Play and The Shark Bay. We also managed to watch almost all the shows like The Dolphin Cove Show, Quest for the Golden Seal and Waterski WipeOut. We both (well, particularly me!) loved the dolphin show, so much that I went "wah!" so many times and clapped furiously like a kid. *Grin* We also had the privilege to indulge in the International Buffet Lunch at Paradise Room (it comes with the package!) and watched the Waterski WipeOut show from there. Niceeeeeeeeeeee!

Sea World Gold Coast Australia
We went to Sea World and we saw sharks, dugongs, dolphins, polar bears, seals and penguins!

After having a good 20 minutes shopping for souvenirs, we left Sea World and went back to the hotel. Immediately after leaving all the souvenirs in the room, we went out again. We shopped a lot for tee shirts, tops. Inspector even bought a couple of tees from Hard Rock Cafe, which is located behind our hotel. I couldn't resist not buying a cross stitch magazine that came along with a free Tatty Teddy pattern chart, irregardless of how much the magazine costs, which I usually refrain myself from buying them in Malaysia. *Grin*

Surfers Paradise Goodies Part 1
Lots of tops, and the Patchee mag!

We spent the rest of the late afternoon walking along the beach barefooted and enjoyed listening to the sound of the waves crashing upon the shores. The water was soooooooo chilling, we loved it so much but I think by the time we walked back to the streets, my feet were already numb!

We stopped by at Beach Burger Cafe in Chevron Renaissance for dinner. Inspector ordered this huge ass All Day Breakfast which consist of 2 slices of bacons, 2 pieces of hash browns, baked beans, 2 slices of toasts, 1/2 piece of tomato, 2 sunny side ups, and 1 piece of marinated rib eye steak. I struggled with my Kids Menu Chicken Fingers with fries. Hehe.. Both of us were too full that we took a longer walk back to the hotel. Too bad my camera ran out of battery (from taking soooo many pictures at Sea World!) otherwise I could show you pictures of our meals.

Tomorrow, Movie World!


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