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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Joint Birthday Lunch Dana

Dad organized a Lunch Dana at home, just amongst close relatives as well as my in-laws. He managed to invite Ven K. Dhammaratana from the Maha Vihara Brickfields temple over to the house again for the chant session. It was a very short session coz one of his assistants had to rush to somewhere else.

Lunch Dana
Food, food and food

But anyhow, my relatives got us a birthday cake, in conjunction with Dad's, Sis' and my birthdays (all 3 of us are November babies. Mum's the odd one out. Tee hee hee). They set 3 candles in a row for us, and Sis had to do the honour to blow a candle first (without blowing off the other two candles) coz her birthday comes first. Followed by Dad whose birthday was yesterday, then last but not least, yours truly (the easiest!).

It was a short but sweet celebration, and yes, lots of laughter and smiles. That's more important, don't you think so? *Grin*


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