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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sis Turns 24

It's Sis' birthday today. Like any other years, Mum made 2 red-dyed hard boiled eggs for her, as well as longevity noodles for dinner. We got her a small pandan cake from Baker's Cottage. It's funny how as we grow up, the size of the cakes that we get shrinks. I remember that when we were 1 or 2 years old, our blackforest cakes were huge! 12 pieces of cherries on them! And only, what, 4 of us consuming the cake. They would last us a few breakfasts and tea breaks. Tee hee hee..

Sis' 24th Birthday Celebration
Happy Birthday to Sis!

It was just a short, private celebration within the family but I could feel so much of love surrounding us as we sang the birthday song for Sis. Even though she's now 24, she's still so much like a little sister to me. No matter how much we'd argue or probably at some point of time, hate each other's guts, no one else will ever replace her as my younger sister. And for that, I pray that she'll have a very blessed life ahead of her and that she'll always know that I love her very much.

Happy Birthday, Sis!


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