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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Day 2 - Underwater Theme

[updated on 18th Dec. 2006]

After a hearty breakfast in the hotel, we headed for a session of Go-Karting. Being that it was my first time, I of course drove like a tortoise. Worse still, it rained a bit before that, so I was partially covered with dirty water (when driving pass puddles, couldn't control mar!) and was spitting sand all over throughout the drive. *lol*

We went to visit the Underwater World just coz I was eager to see the penguins. *Grin* It was fascinating to see giant groupers (and I really mean giant, no, they're huge!) and several creatures that we had never seen before like giant rodents, Rockhopper (the penguin la) and leafy sea dragons. The only slack thing was the 3-D show which was really a waste of our 20 minutes. Don't even bother going for it.

Underwater World Langkawi
Creatures I've not seen before

The next stop was back to the beach. It was fun collecting colourful 'treasures' there.

Pantai Cenang Treasures
Pantai Cenang treasures

Once back to the hotel, we dipped into the pool for nearly an hour and then back to the room to freshen up for a while before we headed out for dinner at Thailand Restaurant. After that, it was back to rounds of Rummy, booze (I had my doses of Ribena, thank you very much), football on telly and lots of laughter. Relaxing holiday, isn't it?


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