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Thursday, November 30, 2006

November Babes

My department organized the monthly birthday celebration and as usual, yours truly had to make the arrangements, i.e. what cake to buy, where/who to buy it from, cost, when to have it; then have to gather everyone, place the candles and light them up, and then cut them to smaller slices for distribution after the sing-song session.

Since this is my birthday month, along with 4 other colleagues (November is the month with the most birthdays in my department!), of course have to choose the nicest cake, right. Last year, we got the Haagen-Dazs ice-cream cake which we eventually got 'sounded' by Dexter coz it exceeded his budget. *lol* So this year, we went for Flaky Chocolate Cake from Baker's Cottage. The boss of course happily approved this choice. *Grin*

My Department's November Birthday Babes
Looks damn yummy, right?

What a nice way to end the week long birthday celebration. Tee hee hee..


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