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Monday, November 27, 2006

Patchee Is 27 Today

Another year older today. Hopefully another year wiser and another year prettier. *lol*

It was a quiet celebration, nevertheless I am very glad that I celebrated it with my family and close friends. On Saturday, it was with Inspector and his friends. Last night, it was dinner with both our families together. Today, I got to spend the second half of the afternoon with Mum and Dad (it's his first day after retirement) at home, given a red egg to eat and helped put up the Christmas tree. Later in the evening, had a lovely Thai dinner with Inspector, Mighty Dan, Moorish and Sue. Wan Nei, almost 5 hours older than me, were not able to meet up due to work commitments but I am still glad that we managed to hang out on Friday while attending our other halves' common friend's wedding. And wishing each other "Happy Birthday" simultaneously the moment I gave her a call this morning, both without even saying "Hello" in the first place. Tee hee hee..

I was also touched when I received so many birthday greetings and phone calls from friends - old, older still and new, and from several countries too. I'm writing them all down here not because I want to boast, but because they have played a part in my life one way or another and I never, ever want to forget their thoughts nor their friendship many years down the road.

The birthday phone calls from Aneh, Bubble (who would have taken the day off had she knew I took leave, just to celebrate with me. *Awwww*), Pa, Labu and Virgin Boy (all the way from Melbourne).

The birthday SMS-es...

"Jie, Happy Birthday! May all ur wishes come true, including havin' a nephew/niece 4 me!" - Sis

"Happy Birthday! Have a good one! ;)" - Telco Boy

"Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day" - Ma

"Happy birthday! All the best wishes from me, and let the day roll!" - FRG in Bangladesh

"Happy birthday 2 u, happy birthday 2 u, happy birthday 2 patchee, happy birthday 2 u! Muah muah muah!" - Gummy

"Wishing u many happy returns on this special day. Happy Birthday!" - Blur Sotong

"Happy birthday, patchee! Wishes from Shanghai! Hehehe" - Spike

"Happy birthday!! Sheng ri kuai le!" - Nutty from Bintulu

"Wishing u happy birthday and hope ur dreams come true ;)" - Suwee

"Happy bday! Still on time! Heh heh" - Soo Soo Monster, now in Brazil

"Hi Patchee! How are u? Just want to wish u a Happy Birthday! Have a great day." - Cuz Li in Melbourne

"Happy happy birthday patchee.." - Xiao Ping

"Hi patchee, happy birthday! It's Jovi girl n i remembered! :)" - Jovi girl in Melbourne

"Happy birthday patchee. :) Hope you have a wonderful year ahead" - Freckles

The presents...

Inspector: A cool car audio system, an "I Love U" seed and for spending the whole day with me even though he had to work

Moorish & Sue: Cute little Tiramisu cake from BreadTalk

Chef, Footitie, Freckles, Xiao Ping, Blur Sotong and the ad couple: Lovely lavender Crabtree & Evelyn gift set

Princess & Eskimo: Kenzo creamy body milk

27th Birthday Prezzies
Prezzies from very wonderful people *Hugz*

Most of all, Dad & Mum for bringing me into the world and the neverending love they have given me throughout all these years. Of course, not forgetting to so many friends out there who had dropped me plentiful of birthday wishes online. I really had a wonderful birthday. Thank you so much, everyone. *Hugz*


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