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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Departmental Christmas Tree

This time last year,

Dexter: "Go buy a Christmas tree for our department".

This year,

Dexter: "Where's the tree? Never put up ah?"

And then of course, more pestering from fellow colleagues, "Where's the tree ah?" Apa ni? I'm in charge of the tree pulak. Had no choice but to drag another colleague to help bring out the tree from our library and decorate it. Pretty much the same deco like last year's, since we did not go and buy more ornaments, but minus the 'snow' coz I couldn't remember where had I chucked the leftover cotton.

Decided to take a snapshot of the tree when I came in work at 7a.m, when the room is dark and all you can see are the blinking lights from the tree.

My Department's Christmas Tree
O Christmas tree!

The boss now says "Good job!" If only that gets reflected onto my year-end bonus. *lol*


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