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Friday, December 29, 2006

'Twas A Wonderful Ride Year 2006

With a blink of an eye, Christmas came and gone. Another blink or two later, another year begins. Gee... Just when I thought I had only put up the Christmas trees not too long ago. Does that mean I'd have to take them down so soon? Eeshhh!

As this will probably be my last post for the year, I'm gonna sum up my 2006 ala Bridget Jones' style...

CNY-less Celebration 1
Nai Nai's
passing on Christmas Eve 2005 marked the end of CNY celebration in Dad's hometown for us. After 27 years of going back to celebrate CNY with my relatives (especially my beloved grandparents), I sure wasn't used to it. I miss Yeh Yeh and Nai Nai so much that I wish they could come back but I know they can't. I can only hold on to the memories and moments spent with them.

Kitchen Mishaps 1
When I 'clever-ly'
grated my finger (twice, I must say!) while trying to prepare yee sang and ended up with a huge, bloody bandaged finger for nearly a month. Why? Coz I stupidly used the sticky plaster to cover the wound, and whenever I try to put a fresh plaster, I'd peel the dirty one out along with the dried wound causing it to bleed again. Gah! Only much later then did I realize I had to use the stickproof cotton bandage. The scar's still there till now. *Sighz*

Sing Song Projects 2
Had it not been for the invitation by Lin Peh to participate in the debut project for
White Christmas, I wouldn't have known it was so much fun recording for Cha Cha Guo Xin Nian and the recently released Rudolf In Your House. I remember him extending the invitation via a comment in one of my entries. The invitation had then led to creating friendships with a few other bloggers and I'm really thankful for that.

Dead Tooth 1
The nightmares I had at the dentist when discovering that a front tooth was
dying and had to go through root canal just to save it. Guess that just couldn't beat the time when I had to surgically remove a permanent tooth hiding inside the gums, more than 10 years ago. That was pure hell!

Job Interview 7
For the first time, I was exposed to a variety of
interviews and assessments. Out of these 7, I rejected one coz of the odd 6am-4pm working hours, accepted one very recently, declined another one after that, didn't put so much of effort for a few more interviews coz wasn't too keen on the job, and didn't succeed in the rest.

Farewells to Very Close Colleagues 4
I miss the girly times spent with Labu and Ketua; the great comradeship with Koala Bear who used to sit on my left; and the short timespan working with a trainee. Guess I'll be next in the list?

Holidays 4
My first times to Malacca Watercity (for my company's annual trip) in August; up to
Cameron Highlands with Chef & Xiao Ping during the DeepaRaya weekend in October; a wonderfully splashing Spring honeymoon in Gold Coast in November; and finally a relaxing trip to Langkawi 2 weeks ago with Footitie, Chef, two of Player's cousins and their respective other halves. Spent so much this year already, so next year must rot at home lor. Tee hee hee..

Weddings Attended 9
From PJ/KL to Kuantan to Singapore, we have witnessed Chinese, church and Indian weddings. Felt very honored to be invited and to share their wedding celebrations. A bit upset coz weren't able to attend a few other weddings coz ours was within the couples' 'pantang' months but we respected that. There will be more to attend next year and am looking forward to Virgin Boy's (I'm helping him do his love story presentation. Hehe..), Wan Nei's (still don't know when), Nutty's in Bintulu and hopefully Aneh's engagement.

And the most important one of all, my own marriage. After
being in a 10-year relationship since schooldays, going through long distance and the working phase, we had finally tied the knot with our families' blessings. It had been a rollercoaster ride having to plan the wedding and furnish the house in less than 7 months. I will never, ever forget these moments :-
* Booking a date for our ROM
* Scouting for the venue to hold our wedding dinner
* Selecting the dates from the Chinese almanac myself (very hard work!)
* Launching
Operasi Gemuk to gain some weight (which I had failed miserably)
* Going through the guest list (and got upset for having to
strike off a close relative)
* Booking a bridal photoshoot package, choosing the
gowns and going for the photoshoot
* Having so much of
stress that we nearly wanted to call off the whole thing
* Arranging for both sides of the families to
meet during the food tasting session
* Deciding on the wedding
* Designing the
invitations and distributing them
* Beginning a new chapter as we got legally
married and hosting a small party at our humble home to celebrate with our families and close friends
* Going through the party madness when the girls held a
hen's night for me
* Having the 'koh tai lei'
ceremony on Fathers' Day
* Preparing the marital
* Counting
down the final days with so many more last minute things to do (like the agenda, slideshows, deco, chocs for door gifts, bridal cars and corsages)
* The wedding
day & dinner
* Learning to
cook as a wife
* Rewarding the wedding crewmembers with a scrumplicious high tea
buffet at the hotel
* Marking our
first month of marriage
* Last but not least, choosing a location for our

It has been a truly memorable year. One thing's for sure, I'm thankful and grateful that our families and close friends (i.e. the Sunflower House gang, Gummy, Moorish, Sue, Wan Nei, Bubble, Chef & Footitie) have been there for us in every possible way. Year 2006 wouldn't have been so special and cherishable to us if not for you guyz. Thank You so much for joining us in the ride. *Hugz*

To the new year, and to new beginnings. Cheers!


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