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Friday, December 22, 2006

Taking The Next Step

In the search of a better job prospect, I had finally decided to sign an offer with a Dutch firm. If everything goes as planned, I'll be out from my current firm and will join the other firm by March.

It had been tough making the decision. A few weeks after the interview, I was unofficially notified that the firm was interested and was in the midst of drawing up the offer package. Today, there I was, sitting at an empty cubicle in the firm, reading up the 7-pages offer letter. I wasn't allowed to bring the letter home to ponder over it. Either I had to sign it there and then, or go home to think about it then only go back to the firm to sign it. I remember making so many calls the past few weeks and today to Inspector, my parents, a few ex-colleagues and also friends (some working in the firm itself), just to be sure that whatever package I would be getting is worthwhile. It took me almost 45 minutes before I placed my signature onto the letter.

How do I know if that was a wise decision? I don't. I'll be getting a nearly 30% jump from my current salary (which for me to get to that much, I'd have to work for 3-5 more years in my current firm). I'll have opportunities of going to The Netherlands for trainings (all expenses to be paid for) which also means being bonded for 18 months. I'll be exposed to a new industry which apparently is on great demand nowadays. I'll be moving on from a local company to a worldwide-recognized MNC firm. It all sounds too good to be true, but there's the possibility of having more stress, long hours, and of course, starting anew (i.e. from the entry level) which will lead to more struggles and challenges to climb the organization chart. So I really do not know if the grass is really greener as it seems there.

But I want to take the risk and I am taking it. I've been too comfortable in my current firm for too long - more than 6 years, to be precise. The only problem now is to decide when is the right time to tender my resignation. Given some financial consideration, it'd probably be end of next month. Until then, I'll keep it a hush-hush from my colleagues. If you happen to be my colleague, please don't leak the news out. Not until I officially announce it.

I just hope that when the time is near, I'll have the courage to hand the letter to NR and Dexter.


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